News flash: there’s a student app for Quercus, the new University of Toronto learning management engine! Canvas Student is the app from Quercus’ parent service Canvas which I only discovered recently, powering all Canvas implementations, including Quercus. With a great user interface, the essential functionality of the Desktop app is captured well in this simple yet powerful application.

Having an app that is easy for students and professors to use allows for a more productive university life. Students can get live push notifications when course content is updated, which helps students engage in the course. This also creates a more engaging course experience for all. I know, as a student, a good UI and smooth workflow are essential in an app that I use for schoolwork.

The app also gives access to useful global tools like the Calendar and the Inbox, allowing you to use your time effectively and contact the instructor with any questions about courses at a given time. The app also allows you to access the mobile version of any given course website, so you can work on your courses on the go, wherever you are!

This is fantastic for a student, as I often fall behind with course websites on desktop, so allowing me to access course content with little hassle and great convenience can only be a good thing!

While the app is great for receiving course information you shouldn’t upload your assignments to the course through the app, or take any tests and quizzes. Use your computer or laptop instead.

Get excited for Quercus in all its forms! The cross-platform service is bringing convenience to learning at U of T the likes of which I have never experienced as a student, and that I appreciate as a tool to help me in my studies.

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-Phillip Christoffersen

Photo by IN BOSSMODE on Unsplash