With so much information coming at us at all times from multiple courses students usually have questions, inquiries and a need for clarification, especially before an assignment, project or final exam. Therefore, a reliable method of messaging the instructor is always a key tool that must be included on any platform, since the ability to contact the professor outside the classroom is a fundamental aspect of learning that allows students and professors to stay connected outside of the classroom. This is where Quercus’s Inbox comes in, and luckily it makes this communication as seamless and easy as possible!

Quercus offers a messaging tool called the Conversations Inbox tool (labelled Inbox) located in

student with laptop

student with laptop

the Global Navigation menu that allows students to send an individual message directly to the professor and allows the professor to send an individual message to each student. The Inbox/Conversations tool is a simple and easy messaging tool that functions like other email or messaging platforms. To send a message click the pencil icon at the top and after selecting the course, assign your message to the instructor that appears when you select teachers. We also have the ability to attach videos and files in any message that we send, which is a great addition when we are sharing information with our professor and want to add extra information and details.

For the sake of privacy and identity protection, we cannot message other students in the class directly but the ability to message our instructor is always available.

After experiencing the Inbox/Conversations tool you will see how simple Quercus has made the communication between you and your professor!

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-Trinity Kandiotis