This is a shout out for all you eager beavers! Yes,  I’m talking to you. You read Course Availability and jump right into this to find out  

  1. When your courses will be available
  2. How will you know if your course is available

For the short and sweet answer, it’s when your professor decides to make it available.  

For those of you who want to know the longer process of this here we go! 

This year you MIGHT have noticed something different, nothing too big just we changed from Portal aka Blackboard as most of you may know it as, to this new cool(er) system called Quercus, say it with me ‘Q-where-cus’.  

Because of the sudden change your professors and TAs have been scrambling to learn and build their courses for YOU! While you all been enjoying your vacation, they been working on building a user-friendly design for your learning experience. This might take a bit longer than when you used Portal. It’s all new to you and new to your professors too. So, cut them some slack.  

You can see the courses you are enrolled in if you login into and click Courses then select All Courses. It will show all the courses you are enrolled in and if the course is published or not.  

If you don’t see your course contact the professor or the office of registrar.

While you wait on your course, you can learn more about Quercus looking through our blog or if you go to the Help button on the side of your global navigation bar and click on Quercus Support Resources. There is a location for students to go and learn more!  

Continue being eager beavers and learn more about Quercus! 

-Sankhi Liyanage