It’s been about a year since we transitioned from Portal (Blackboard) to Quercus (Canvas).  We all went on a journey getting to know the new learning system . A few students have shared their experiences using Quercus, and provided their tips and strategies for new and returning students. 

What it’s like using Quercus

Overall, students found Quercus to be easy-to-use and intuitive.  We heard lots about the how it was an improvement from Blackboard, 

“Quercus has been a lot more intuitive to use, with clearer tabs (Announcements, Modules, Grades, etc.) that are easier to navigate.” (Georgia Year 3) 

 “[T]he interface is pretty intuitive to get started right away” (Jenny Year 4)  

The mobile app is greatly better than the Blackboard app as it was more intuitive to use.” (Andy, Year 4)  

Keeping yourself Organized

Accessing documents is easier than Blackboard. Students liked the tools and organization of Quercus:  

My experience was generally good. It was easy to obtain information and resources quickly. (Ania, Year 5) 

I really like Quercus’ automatic To Do list that it somehow generates from the course announcements and assignments, as it reminded me of some tasks I didn’t note down.” (Jiayi, Year 4) 

 I especially like the built-in pdf reader feature on Quercus.” (Jenny, Year 4)  

Tips for New and Returning Students

Explore! Get to know your Quercus courses by looking around and checking the site regularly.  

Explore the features within the website to understand how it works for yourself independently and how it can be beneficial to use collaboratively with your class.” (Ania, Year 5)

Explore it first. There are a lot of useful features that you would wish you knew about earlier.” (Jiayi, Year 4)

Make sure to get confirmation via email and Quercus notifications when submitting assignments and projects when using Quercus built in system.” (Andy, Year 4)

“[Make it a] habit of checking the site regularly, especially the day before class, helped me stay on track and ensure that I was completing any online quizzes and planning my study time wisely.” (Georgia, Year 3)


So, what’s the top tip from students who have used Quercus? Explore, explore, explore! It’s good to get to know the system if you’re a new as well as a returning student. To learn more, check out the online videos and resources available for students and get to know Quercus: